Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello from…21st Street? Huh? What??

“Hello from 21st Street, NYC” say these three (3!) new, pioneering, regulation, 46”, full-size Bozos. We just received word that these happy guys were born at Endeavor Studios. You may ask: “Really, come on…pioneers? How can they be described as such?” “Outrageous!” “That’s pretty hefty praise. I need proof!” “Is it deserved, this honorable and powerful title of ‘pioneers’ that you’ve bestowed upon them?” Yes. We think so, because these are the first Bozos on 21st (aside from us and H&S) to join the Bozo Project. And in such a bold fashion! To come out blazing with three (3!) Bozos! Endeavor Studios does not fuck around! They are staking their claim and boldly announcing their arrival as the newest Bozos on the block. Impressive. We especially love that they are faced so that they can see their Bozo friends at Harrison & Star.

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