Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have You Seen This Man? Foul Play in the Bozo Project!

We must report some extremely disturbing news involving a Bozo cut down in the prime of his life before being documented and accepted into the Bozo Project.

On Tuesday, April 21st, we received this email at Bozo Project Headquarters: “We have a bozo, facing South on 22nd St., across the parking lot from the last building on the blog. We also got ours this past holiday party and he has been around the office since then. When we found this blog we had to put him in a window and submit it!”

We were out of town on a biz trip and advised the party that we’d look into it when we returned on Monday, April 25th.

For reasons unknown, I was early/on time for work that Monday and decided to check out this new Bozo for myself and get some pics for cataloguing. But I didn’t see any evidence of a new Bozo on 22nd. So I gave up and cockily showed up for work on time.

I emailed the 22nd Street Bozo person to say I was unable to substantiate their claim. I received this response: “Sadly our Bozo has gone missing after being with us for over 4 months. My theory is that upper management had enough of him and “took care of it.” I posted the attached flyer around the office to see if we could get some info. Overall, it’s a sad, sad day here…”

Who would do such a thing? What kind of a maniac would perpetrate such a callous act? Exterminating a Bozo? Kidnapping a Bozo? Unacceptable! Who is this person? I want them off the streets and tested for all sorts of things! Immediately!

Another gut-wrenching element to the story is that 22nd Street Bozo’s view was of none other than, the heartbreak trio of 21st Street – The Endeavor Bozos. Did they even know they were the objects of 22nd Street Bozo’s affections? Did they care? Or were the Endeavor Bozos still too caught up in the glitz, glamour and allure of H&S’s Bozos?

Although we never saw him with our own eyes, we accept 22nd Street Bozo into the Bozo Project posthumously? In absentia? A first for us and hopefully something never to be repeated…

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