Friday, April 17, 2009

The Passion is Palbable

You can practically taste the passion Bozos 21-23 have for their neighboring Bozos at H&S. And what do they get? NOTHING. Nothing in return. Spurned. Snubbed. Ignored. But do they stop trying? No. They have love on their minds and in their hearts.
And who couldn’t love these guys? Look at how they express their individuality: Bozo #21 - He’s a low key kinda guy not fazed by labels or couture. He prefers to keep it real and simple. He’s no one’s billboard. A loner, yet wiling to take a chance on love and life. Bozo #22 - His cowboy hat says to the world “Hey world. I’m a cowboy. Look at my hat if you don’t believe me. But I’m no rodeo clown.” Bozo #23 This mod Bozo sports a natty scarf to attract the objects of his affections. A well-dressed Bozo is never out of fashion.

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