Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bozo #3's Arrival

after watching our first bozo (#2 in the project) slowly die over the weekend, we received a much-needed package today:

welcome bozo #3!

it's been such a sad sight. the bozo that, as far as we're concerned, started the project itself, reduced to a lump of vinyl and sand.

we quickly got bozo #3 ready for action (including a very stealthy bozo-swap maneuver), and restored #2 to his original glory. i must say, the sight of the two bozos standing proudly in the windows was quite inspiring. i can only imagine how it looked from across the street.

it is interesting, however, that bozo #3's arrival caused no reaction from #1's side. at one point, we noticed some activity in the window, but there has been no change in their bozo (still sporting his "beefcake" sign). we'll see if things change tomorrow - they have no idea what is in store for them. let the bozo assault begin.

inflating #3 #3 ready for his debut switching #2 & #3
#3 in action #2 & #3 dual-bozo assault

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