Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bozo's Existential Crisis

an interesting thought occurred to us as we were waiting for our next wave of bozos to arrive. we were admiring the touching poignancy of the (dis)connection between the two original bozos. the longing between these brightly-colored inanimate objects was palpable. however, as surreal as the sight was, the most remarkable thing was how exclusive it was. here we have two 46" bozo the clown bop bags, locked hopelessly in each other's gaze, though separated forever by glass, brick, and 75 feet of manhattan air, but the only way to experience the situation is to stand immediately behind one of them. that means only someone in our office or in their office will feel the heart-wrenching power of the exchange (or, at the very least, understand what is really happening).

someone in an office on the north side of the street will see our bozo and think that there is little more behind it than a few co-workers' feeble attempt at brightening the soul-crushing monotony of their office environment, thus prolonging their miserable existence for at least a few more days. it's a bit more exciting than casual friday, but a step below burning the building to the ground.

conversely, perhaps the construction workers next door mistook bozo #1's "hey beefcake" sign as a thinly-veiled, though strangely delivered, indication of sexual interest. or, worse yet, a humiliating public attack on the heavier men in the group.

whatever the interpretation (this is, of course, assuming that anyone will notice at all), it will always be incomplete. it is impossible for an onlooker to grasp what's truly happening. only one bozo can exist at any given time to anyone not in either of our offices.

i was never much one for the "if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around..." debate, but it all makes sense now. one bozo's existence is only validated when contextualized by another. in other words, a bozo only begins to truly exist when connected to another one. this is bigger than the two of us; we need everyone's help to give meaning to these poor, lonely clowns.


  1. god, i love you

  2. did you by chance attend gallatin? we're suckers for theorizing any and every interaction possible.