Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Are Staying Tuned...

It’s on. Shit. Is. On. Bozo #1 is sporting a “Stay Tuned” sign today. A sign? Or a GAUNTLET? What do our north side neighbors have planned? Are they ready to debut another Bozo? Because we’re twice as ready. We’re ready for whatever they’ve got. I have Bozo #s 4 & 5 sitting on my floor and they are anxious. ANXIOUS to be born. I can’t let them out of the box yet though. Even though I hear them stirring and weeping, they need to incubate another day.

I must say, so far, well done original Bozo. Well done…

Also, someone by the initials of LG emailed me today to say: “ I went on the Bozo site and got one look at the deflated wrinkly scoliosis-back Bozo peering sadly out the window and shut it down immediately! I am livid! I will need to take it all in when I calm down.”

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