Thursday, March 26, 2009

Funeral & Resurrection of a Friend

After days of full-tilt denial regarding Bozo #2's declining health, Matt and I finally came to the harrowing decision to literally pull the plus on Bozo #2. This decision didn't come lightly as we had grown so attached to our new pal. He was, after all, responsible for the entire Bozo Project. But his time was up. He served his project well and like eery great revolutionary, he made his mark on this world and left change and heavy hearts behind. We had spent several days agonizing over the impending death, asking each other rhetorical questions like "His leaks aren't that bad, right?" and "He still looks good. Nope. No change from yesterday...right?" But each time we looked at our newly-acquired Bozo #3 in his proud, erect state, and then back at Bozo #2, we had to accept the cruel fate that life dealt us. Bozo #3 was now set to assume the role of dominant silverback of our Bozo group and Bozo #2, soon to be remembered only in our hearts. Although we can't take responsibility for Bozo #2's death (it's not healthy to blame ourselves), perhaps we should have been more careful in choosing his initial place in the window? We had put him directly in the office graveyard. That mess of a shelf where co-worker Maura's gorgeous bonsai tree died within seconds and no one ever bothered to throw out its rotting corpse.
As for Matt and I, clearly we weren't quite ready to give up on Bozo #2. While preparing to bury him, we decided to taxidermy him instead. HE WILL NOW LIVE FOREVER. He may no longer be boppable, or able to stand on his own accord, but stuffed with shredded paper, a crumpled NY Post and some bubble wrap, our warrior (and YOURS) will live on and on. And on. And on...

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