Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Joy & The Goddamned Palm Tree

After the blissful assault launched by Harrison and (Rock)Star, all we could do was smile. Watching the  Bozos unfold made me feel like I was watching fireworks. Mouth agape, smiling, anticipating. It looked incredible but it felt even better. What a stupid and amazing site! I loved every second of it. It was pure happiness. It may have meant nothing to anyone else, but to me, and I know to Matt, it was a huge sense of joy.

The moments leading up to the reveal were frantic and spastic. I felt a bit uncomfortable because all the antics were being filmed (more on that at a later date). So there I was, yelling, hiding behind the column in the office, pacing back and forth, more yelling, screaming about the visible Bozo (on their side), wanting to hide more, hoping I didn't end up looking like Bea Arthur on film, etc...it was all exciting and ludicrous. 

After the big reveal, one thing really bothered me. The odd choice by H&S to include a huge (6'?) palm tree threw me at first. I didn't get it. Or like it. I thought it was a cheap and desperate move. At that point, they might as well have just put "Happy Birthday" or "Forty & Fabulous" balloons in the windows. This was the Bozo Project! Not the Any-Bullshit-Inflatable-Toy-or-Decoration-You-Can-Find-Project. But then something was pointed out to me that stopped me in my tracks. Deb Noonan (writer of the NY Magazine article and who was with us the morning of the attack) said that it was directly facing our own (real) palm tree. It was true. VideoHelper does have this giant palm tree looming in the corner and facing out the window. Facing...you-know-who. And they'd just upped the level of attack. Now it was truly personal! Now they were attacking our flora! I was outraged!

But I was too busy spazzing out and smiling that I didn't have time to make the connection. I couldn't draw any conclusions, because all I could do was laugh. And that's a pretty nice experience - happy bliss. Unfortunately, life isn't like that 24/7  (or even 2/7 most days), which is why I think The Bozo Project has struck a chord with people. It's just happy and ridiculous. It's sole purpose is to communicate joy. What's wrong with that? We've noticed some comments on blogs, etc...that are simply miserable and hate the whole thing. For those of you with no soul or remote shred of a sense of humor, to you, our Bozos say "Blow me."

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