Friday, March 27, 2009

The Time for Action

lots of activity today in the project. first of all, I have to say, we’ve been rather disappointed by our partners across the street. for several days now the original bozo has been talking some pretty substantial talk, while continuing to walk very little walk. after we launched bozo #3 (our second), #1 displayed a “stay tuned…” sign (very original), and tuned we stayed – for nothing. then the sign was replaced with “it’s coming,” again, with no additional activity after two days of promises. we’re beginning to think that they terribly underestimated what exactly they got themselves into.

also, they have been foolish (brash? arrogant? daring?) enough to let themselves be seen maneuvering their bozo, changing his sign, or taking pictures of our assaults. there was even a brief period today when their window stood vacant! i repeat: bozo #1 left his post in broad daylight!

meanwhile, we’ve spend days on end hiding in office plants, diving behind frosted glass barriers, camouflaging ourselves in copier toner and shredded company letterhead, waiting only until the right moments to move undetected at each step. i don’t know what kind of bush league, mickey mouse, amateur operation they’re running over there, but they had better get their act together if they want to hang with us.

so today, we decided that we have no choice. if they refuse to act, then we must. we had to force their hand, to call their bluff, to show them that they fucked with the wrong people.

after a week or so of waiting in the wings, anxiously anticipating the original bozo’s oft-promised, though as of yet never-delivered, responses, bozos #4 and #5 were finally deployed (with stealth! with style!). i can only imaging what their reaction was to the sight of 4 (4!) bozos proudly staring at them from across the street, defying them to step up their game and take action or to step down and leave the bozo project to the professionals. let it be known, north side: we WILL cover this block in bozos, whether or not you have anything to do with it.

here are betsy’s thoughts on today:
this morning was a blur for me. a mix of adrenaline and stealth. i found myself crawling on the office floor, yelling at matt to "cover me! i'm gong in", installing the new bozos with both bozo project matts (matt r & matt f) hiding in the office palm tree, and performing taxidermy on a bozo.

the north side bozos had the gaul to actually take pictures of our bozos IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. what crust! what nerve! we witnessed the entire thing. amateur move. the bozo project requires stealth! we tossed around the thought that maybe they were taking pics to start their own blog? could it be? interesting move, north side...

either way, any moves within the bozo project need to be made subtly. and i think we're excelling in that capacity.

all in all, it’s been an eventful/emotional day. between the startling reality check of bozo #2’s death and the frantic covert-opts of today’s mission, we’ve been on quite the emotional rollercoaster. we’re having a hard time predicting what their next move will be, but agree that it will be difficult for them to continue to sit idly after today’s attack.

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